Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just an Ordinary Sunday

Products detail:
Make Over hydration serum; Wardah c-defense DD cream; Wardah exclusive two-way cake; Make Over eyebrow pencil brown to earth; Wardah double function kit as the eye make up primer; Wardah eye shadow F; Silky Girl funky eyelights pencil in electric blue; Wardah eyexpert optimum hi-black liner; L'oreal miss manga false lash mascara; Maybelline cheeky glow in peachy sweetie; Wet n Wild lipstick in think pink; NYX high voltage lipstick no. 22

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dreams Do Come True

friend: "are you happy to work for this company?"
me: "actually, i am happy with the friends i am making here but not for the job. i am not a behind-the-desk type of person"
friend: "what are you really like then?"
me: "i'd like to become a lecturer someday. that is why right now, i am eyeing some universities to enroll the post graduate program"
friend: "are you'll be resign then from the company? and will you as well continue to doctoral program?"
me: "i guess i will resign eventually but for doctoral program not in near time"

that is my conversation with my senior (in our bajaj ride from train station to the office. hehe) after i worked for several months in my first-job office in 2010 when i was a fresh graduate.

and look i am now. i am really a lecturer right now (even tho there so much struggling to become one) because dreams do come true when you not just dream but wake up, planning, work hard and praying.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beauty Haul and First Impression: Budget Beauty

i've been longing to post something about beauty haul and today finally i did it.
i'd like to call this haul as budget beauty haul because all the products i purchased are drugstore products, easy to find and really affordable.

1. Sheet Masks
just when my sheet masks that i purchased back in February at Singapore runs out, i purchased Cathy Doll Happy Aloe Vera sheet masks from Sociolla (forgot to take pictures before i used it all).
at first, after use one of the Cathy Doll Happy Aloe Vera sheet mask, i felt my skin more dry than before (maybe because at the time, my skin didn't need that kind of treatment) but when i got into PMS and my skin develop acne, i use another Cathy Doll Happy Aloe Vera sheet mask and it works. but this time i used it differently.
i cleansed my face with make up remover and Bioderma Sensiobio H2O and continue with facial wash, after i felt my skin is fresh, i spray Evian Face Spray, let it dry and put the sheet mask on. after 30 minutes, the sheet mask off and i rub the essence in my face with baby cloth (dip the baby cloth in lukewarm water) and continue with my night skin care regime.

after the Cathy Doll sheet masks gone, i purchased another sheet masks from Celebon at Watson. when i purchased these, Watson have promo buy 2 get 1 and bought 6 pcs. Celebon have many vary sheet masks but the ones that i bought has the "moisturizing" word on the package (since i have dry skin issue).
haven't try them all but i tried the pomegranate one. i just felt so so, since all skin care have to be a routine and use in long time but it really feels moist my skin well enough.

2. Emina Sugar Rush Lip Scrub
truth to be told, actually i was eyeing Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask but i thought Emina is local product, why don't i give it a try.
like my face skin, my lip skin also experiencing the same problem, dryness. so, i can't wear matte lipstick too long or even if its long, it wouldn't be good because my lips will crack out. usually before i put lipstick on, i always put Vaselin Petroleum Jelly, so, even i put matte lipstick, the finish look wouldn't like matte because of the petroleum jelly but in the quest to use matte lipstick without crack out, i seek help in Emina Sugar Rush Lip Scrub.

Emina Sugar Rush Lip Scrub made from organic sugar and apricot seeds to remove dead skin cells also left feeling soft on lips. it so damn true. i put it on my lips after i use my night skin care regime and went to bed. in the morning, i felt my lips more soft.
at first when you pick up the product from the jar, you can feel the sugar and apricot seeds, scrub it around your lips and you can taste the sweetness of the organic sugar.

3. Silky Girl Funky Eyelights Pencil in electric blue
its been a while since the first time i use eyeliner pencil. i used to use eyeliner pencil as a beginner to the world of making eyeliner. but after left behind eyeliner pencil i comeback with the intention to create colorful eye make up because this eyeliner is very pigmented and soft end, so i can draw it easily in my eyelids.

i like to use double eyeliner, the first time i tried it you can see it here, now you can anticipate another double eyeliner post in the future :)

4. Make Over Eyeliner Pencil in black jack
i bought this not because i want to come back using eyeliner pencil instead of gel eyeliner like i used in the past year, but because i want to create inspired Korean make up that use eyeliner inside the upper water line. so, wait for it :)

as for the product itself, i used this products as my eyeliner pencil when i first exposed to the eyeliner world. it is pigmented, soft and easy to apply.

5. Make Over Hydrating Serum
this would be my first face primer :)
i have large pores around my nose and when i used this primer, i can see that my pores become smaller and my make up more durable with this primer. i love this product but since this is my first time using primer, i would like to have another experience to using another primer.

6. L'oreal Miss Manga False Lash Waterproof Mascara
i love this mascara. the brush is pointy on the edge so i can apply it on my lower lash which is barely have lash but even its barely, after i apply this on i can see my lower lash :)
that is the point i using mascara, to make my lower lash more visible. yay!!

7. The Body Shop Vitamin E
i bought the travel size package that comes with Hydrating Toner, Cream Cleanser, Moisture Cream and Night Cream. actually, i just wanna try the Hydrating Toner but the Vitamin E series from The Body Shop is too good to be missed.
that is because long time ago, my sister was experience uneven tone skin because of the forest mosquitoes bites and she used Vitamin E hand body from The Body Shop. with intense use, she recover her tone skin and that my friends, was the best experience i ever watched. so, with that experience and with my dry skin, Vitamin E series from The Body Shop is worth the try :)
so please, anticipate my review on this product within a month or so.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Room Hunting

i've been live in Depok for over than 20 years and when i play a new role at a new institute, i got new friends from Semarang, Jogjakarta, Padang and Pakan Baru (all over Indonesia's map, right?)
when they learn that i am live in Depok for a long time period, they asked me "do you know where i can find a good place to live while i am in Depok?"

honestly, i can't always answer that question right. and i bumped in with which is a website that can help you find the right properties to your need.

you can find room mate to share a rent room or house, you can find your dream properties (rooms, houses or apartments) and if you have the right properties but you still can't find the right tenant, you can also advertise with

we all know that the majority of users in Indonesia are mobile users. so, make sure that the website is mobile-friendly without requiring users to download an application. you can access the website with you smartphone (and that, my friends, would be the plus point, right?)

the purpose of this site is to help more users out there who looking for rent rooms, especially in Jakarta and surrounding areas, like Depok. the current trend is to find rental rooms use social sites such as Facebook or Kaskus. nevertheless, both are not a special site for the room rent search. really help those who in middle class and down with middle income and low income group, esp. students and young executive who are just starting a job in Jakarta and its surrounding cities  (like my new friends cases).

but, this will also make new student at new college and new city the easiest way to find the right place to live and room mates for four years to come because it will be a new school academic year soon. yay! (am always passionate to see new students. hope will meet them soon in my class. hehe)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Eid day 2

Unbranded inner & shawl; RA by Restu Anggraini blouse; Zara Men pants; Hebe platform sandal

Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid Al Fitr.
may eid al fitr bring abundant joy and happiness in your life.

here is short post about what i wear on Eid day 1.
i never be a fan of kaftan because when i wear a kaftan i tend to look thinner than i already am (i just have one kaftan) besides Jakarta is so hot, kaftan never really help me with this kind of weather. so, instead of wearing kaftan, i choose wearing shirt that probably i could wear to the campus after Eid.

the only thing that new about my look is the shirt. i post about it in here

Unbranded inner; @alanda_id red shawl; Hope Len Casual shirt from Zalora; Wrangler jeans; Rubi brown loafer

P.S: i don't use cheek bone contour on my make up (i still learn to do that) but please mind my too tapering cheek bone :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Digging Quotes

like what i wrote on my "about me" section on the right side of the blog, i am quotes digger :)
quotes is like my spirit lifter that keep me going every day.

i start love quotes when i start watch Criminal Minds which have two quotes in every episodes. from just hearing the quotes from Criminal Minds, i move to searching my own quotes that fit my situation at the moment and then i make my own picture using photoshop.

and since tomorrow is the Eid Al Fitr, i make these picture with my favorite quotes about eid.

anyway, may Allah bless you with abundant joy and happiness in this Eid.
Minal aidin wal faidzin, may we all back to fitr