Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Empties Review: Fabuary

this maybe a too late post but its better late than never, right? :)

1. Wardah White Secret Facial Wash
this was my first facial wash that didn't feel dried on my face after using it. but as much as i loved this, i'd rather try another facial wash because there are a lot of facial wash out there.

2. Nature Republic Sheet Mask - Shea Butter
just like any other sheet mask, i didn't feel any significant different after using this but the essence on this sheet mask was bit much that i can use it until my neck and all over my hand.

3. Dear Berry Coco's Secret Recipe - Pumpkin Wash Off Mask
this mask make my face brighten in an instance. however this mask still leave residue on my face.

4. Wardah C-Defense DD cream
its feel like this product been on my stash forever but finally i finished it.
i love this product because little goes long way and it already have SPF in it.

5. Elianto Nutri Essential Sheet Mask - Rice
this sheet is in line with my toner that have rice extract. but i didn't feel any different but feel refresh.

just like any other empties i have, i wouldn't repurchase these products.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Lost In Kuala Lumpur Day 1: We Missed Our Flight and Have No Place To Go

we literally lost in Kuala Lumpur on February 24th, 2017.
we have a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang with gap at almost 2 hours between one flight to another but unfortunately, our flight from Jakarta get delayed and got worst when the flight to Penang was on KLIA 2 (when i arrived from Jakarta on KLIA 1).

it couldn't get any worsen when you arrived at arriving hall and have to took a train ride to the immigration desk :(
when i got to the KLIA 2, my flight to Penang already departed and when i try to bought another ticket to Penang its fully booked for the rest of the day :(

it will be alright if i traveled only with my cousin but my mom also tag along. and she was the one i was worried about because she never traveled to other country on her own (she always travel with travel agency).

so, we decided not to go to Penang at all and stayed at Kuala Lumpur for the rest of the day.
learn on my previous trip to Kuala Lumpur on 2015, wherever we wanna go in Kuala Lumpur, we have to transit at KL Sentral.
so to KL Sentral we go from KLIA 2.

at KL Sentral we got our lunch and i got local SIM Card in order to get some internet connection.
after got some internet connection, i googled the address of a nearest hostel and order a grab car to took us there. but the hostel on the area was all fully booked.

one of the hostels said that their brand have another branch on Little India and its just in walking distance. so, with GPS on my hand i lead my mom and my cousin to Little India with our luggage :)

it was about 1,5 KM walking and after a long 1 hour, we finally got into our room for a night on Little India, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

it was fun tho, it was worth remember because i never have an overseas trip with my mom and first time we have a trip together, we missed our flight and got nowhere to go :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review: Azalea Inspired by Natur

since i wearing hijab, my hair problem was greasy scalp and hair loss.
i know that i wouldn't escape hair loss whatsoever, because hair loss is natural but at least i can escape unnatural amount of hair loss.

to find the solution to this hair problem, i often change my hair product, esp. shampoo until i found Azalea Inspired by Natur Hijab Shampoo.

before we go any further with this review, i wanna give a statement: this is a PR product that i received but what i write is my honest opinion.

1. Hijab Shampoo

Mengandung bahan alami Zaitun Oil dan Ginseng Extract yang melembutkan helaian rambut dan membantu merawat kekuatan alami rambut, mengurangi rasa gatal di kulit kepala dan memberikan sensasi dingin untuk menjaga kesegaran rambut berhijab. rambut terasa segar, kuat dan tampak segar berkilau.

what i feel:
after read the claim in the back of the product, i expect to feel minty feeling right when the product touch my scalp, but i didn't feel it. i didn't feel any cool sensation.

but i do feel this shampoo really soften my hair. i don't need any conditioner after i use this which is great for a hijab traveler like me who always love simplicity :)
after my second time using it, i do really feel my hair loss is less and what i really notice every time i use this is my hair volumizing which i love because a hijabi hair tend to be drench and not alive, if that make sense :)

2. Hair Hijab Mist

perawatan sehari-hari untuk rambut berhijab yang berfungsi mengharumkan dan menyegarkan rambut sehingga membantu mengurangi bau lembab di area sekitar kepala. dengan kandungan bahan alami Zaitun Oil dan Aloe Vera Extract membantu melindungi dan merawat tiap helai rambut, sehingga rambut tetap segar dan mudah diatur.

what i feel:
i use the hair mist on the day after i wash my hair when my hair almost lost the fragrant of the shampoo, the hair mist bring back those fragrant.
this hair mist also can use on your hijab to avoid the damp smell. moreover, Jakarta right now is on rainy season, on the day when i got stuck in rain and my hijab smell bad, i used this.

i love the product and even tho i didn't feel any cooling sensation like the claim said but i feel my hair getting stronger and also softer. for the hair mist, the smell didn't excessive but works wonder.

for more information, you can visit their social media:
Instagram: azaleabeautyhijab
Twitter: AzaleaHijab_ID

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Empties Review: January

yeah, new segment on my blog! YAY!

i will be start a new segment on my blog, which is Empties Review. but it just a mini review, since i must be already review it at my previous post as a haul or as product review.
1. Evian Facial Spray
this was my second purchased.
i use this facial spray as mist or as prep before i use sheet mask or wash off mask but towards its end, i also use this to damped my real technique sponge.
i guess i won't repurchased this since i wanna try the Avene facial spray.

2. The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner
this was my first hydrating toner.
its really hydrating just like the name said but after awhile i didn't see the good on my skin anymore that is why i won't repurchase it.

3. Wardah Eyexpert Makeup Remover
as you can see, there are two bottle for the same brand.
that is because i use this for almost everyday that even when i got the little bottle from Indonesian Hijab Blogger event, i used it up very quickly. it was very effective to lift the waterproof makeup but i wanna try other oil-based cleanser, so i won't repurchase.

4. Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum
to be frank, i didn't see anything change since i use this serum but when i combine this serum with Hada Labo Shirojyun, i feel like my face little bit bright.

5. Wardah White Secret Night Cream
actually, my Wardah White Secret Day Cream also emptied but since my sister use it almost the half of it, so i don't have the jar, its on her :)
this was my first cream since i awake of the importance of skincare and at that time, my skin concern was dry patch on my cheek and it was vanish thanks to this cream.

6. The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream
this jar come with the hydrating toner.
actually, this not emptied yet. i just done with it because it shows me no good. i don't feel anything different from it.

7. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
this also come with the hydrating toner in a traveling pouch.
but this one is really emptied since i use this at day time when i always feel the need to use cream when i go out.

all of these products i used it all up and won't repurchase since i wanna try other brand or i found other brand that give more good to my skin.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Skin Care: Hada Labo Shirojyun Starter Kit

i have a normal to dry skin type with hyper pigmentation and dullness as skin concern, that is why i gravitate towards brightening products nowadays.

i've been using this Hada Labo Shirojyun Starter Kit for 3 weeks and i can say that i love the way make my skin look. on the starter kit, there are three products with 20 ml worth of weights in each products and they are:

1. Face Wash
the texture is creamy and didn't have much foam compare to my Wardah White Secret Face Wash.
but at the first time use this, i catch a little bit tiny chemical scent, because Hada Labo have campaign about Perfect x Simple which means they not adding unnecessary ingredients but that doesn't mean the product didn't perfect.

i use this face wash as second cleanser, so to be honest i didn't notice whether it completely remove the dirt on my face or not. but all i know that this face wash didn't leave a stretch and tight feeling after using.

2. Lotion
don't be confused, lotion is not the one you put on your hand and body.
in Japan, lotion refer to toner. the texture like toner, light-weighted like toner and clear like toner.
on the instruction says that you have to use cotton pad to apply on your skin but i like apply this lotion with my hand and gently tap tap my face to make sure that the product sink in to my skin.

like i said before, i have normal-dry skin, so the acid that works for me is hyaluronic acid because hyaluronic acid is proven to moisturize the skin and also maintaining the skin moisture
the good news is, this lotion include hyaluronic acid and also vitamin C which proven to brighten the skin.

3. Milk
like the name itself, it like milk. white, watery and runny.
at first time apply the milk there a bit sticky feeling but disapper after a while.
at first time using this, i used at night and the next morning i woke up i feel like my face bit elastic and moist.

but if you seek to be bright the next morning its impossible since skincare need process but if you commit to using this product and add some other product, i guess a bright skin wouldn't be so impossible.

for the whole face, it only took 3-4 drops, so i can imagine that 20 ml will last me 6 months (maybe) and it really worth to try because it affordable, it easy to access and it works (if you commit and consistent to use it) :)