Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Home is Where My Heart is

don't know where it came from but recently, i fall in love with home decor & interior :)

i found several beautiful home interior here and here

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beach Back and Forth

this was an impromptu trip to Tanjung Lesung beach.

Tanjung Lesung is located in West Java, Indonesia. it slightly bulging from the mainland of Java into the Sunda Straits. Located on Java’s most western coast in the district of Pandeglang in the province of Banten, the Tanjung Lesung resembles the lesung, which in the local Sundanese language means the receptacle for rice pounding.

Unbranden inner & shawl; Uniqlo basic grey tee; Mom's vest; Lee Cooper blue jeans; Caliope red lace shoes; Casio G-Shock black timepiece

I Wish You

this is a very late post. but this event was occur in January, so its not that late :)

on January 12th was his birthday

i was picked a fight with him on the day before (i know its cliche) but apparently, he didn't notice that. i wasn't the first person to said "Happy Birthday" because i want to be his last.

so on the night, i appeared with a birthday cake and a bunch of gift, he looked surprised.
well, i think my plan went smoothly

once again, Happy Birthday
a whole page of this post won't be enough to tell you what i wish you to be.

by the end of the night he popped the question
(yeeaahh..for girls this is the kinda question you've been waiting for)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Highlight

my 2014 highlight was:

wearing hijab

it was a big decision. since hijab is a religion identity which i will carry all the way til the day i die.

i have the intention since 2006, which is a year after become a freshman in college. that time, i was member of Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (executive student body) at my college. that made me befriends with many hijabers (term for girls who wearing hijab). to be honest, my worship activity were bad (i bet still am) but being surrounded with hijabers made me, at least, aware that my doing were wrong.

but with many considerations, i always put on hold the intention. but, Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT, The Almighty, grant me the chance i need. so, here i am. wearing hijab. but it doesn't mean, i am necessarily become a perfect person with no mistakes and sins.

wearing hijab doesn't mean i am perfect but i am learn to be perfect and it is a lifetime learning.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boyfriend's Outfit

well, this is not actually his outfit post instead my outfit post wearing his outfit.
since i wearing hijab, i kinda sort my wardrobe, looking something loose and something that will hide my curves. and since his outfit definitely have bigger size than me, it will be loose if i wear one of them.

so, i got these outfit. the shirt and t-shirt. its not like he voluntarily gave those to me but, i borrow it but not intended to give them back :)

Unbranded inner; alanda_id shawl; BF's shirt & tee; The Executive pants; Negozio oxford shoes

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When You Treated Me Bad

its not a revenge, its just the way it is.
people do other people good when they have a great attitude towards others.

the same way goes with me. when i grieved for my brother-in-law death, unfortunately i got an upcoming event and i was the project manager but my friend took my place and told client's that i was in grieved and couldn't be bother. but she refuse that and told my friend, that at least i could answer her phone call.
How could i answer a phone call when i stand next to my brother-in-law body ready to be buried?! can you show a little sympathy to other human being that suffer a lost of their loves one?!

and this experience makes me wonder. what could've been lack of today society that make they forget how to sympathize to others?

Ride a Roller Coaster

i guess the expression "Life Is a Roller Coaster" is the right expression to be implemented on my life.

last week, i was happened to be have the best time of my life, since i got a chance to presented my thesis in front of six professors. even though, there are revision here and there on my thesis before i finally got to put on another title to my name.
it was on Monday, November 24th 2014.

Unbranded inner; Alanda_id fuchsia shawl; Universitas Negeri Jakarta alma mater jacket; Mom's shirt; The Executive pants; Up lace wedges

and on Tuesday, November 25th 2014
i got a sad news. my brother-in-law has passed away in the age of 34. he lost his battle to meningitis. its a bacterial infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. he left behind my sister and 2 beautiful daughters, Aisha Zakia Cherelle and Alanna Chairunnisa Aimee.
for people around us, his death was a sudden but for us who watch and there the whole time, his death was the best way that Allah could gave, since its freeing my brother from the ultimate pain that he felt on his head.
it was a month since he started felt something wrong on his head and just 10 days since doctors sentenced that he got meningitis.

this was happened just within hours lapse. i was so exciting and happy even though i was worried about my revision on Monday night and got sad and feeling sorry for my sister and nieces on Tuesday at dawn.

Life Is a Roller Coaster. we wouldn't know what future hold for us. the best way that we can do is to be grateful for what today give for us.