Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ambitious in a Good Way

Friend: "looks like, i have to continue my education to master degree. but i have to get a scholarship for that"
Me: "lets find one. next year,  my goal is to enroll a doctoral degree in a scholarship"
Friend: "isn't enough for you just have a master degree? i think you too ambitious"

i think there is no such thing as an ambitious behavior in term of knowledge.
people, technology and science are evolving, so it is never enough to study.

in whatever field you involve in, science and knowledge are always need to be learned.
in whatever form your study may are, we as a living creature have to be adapt to the environment.

in my case, i am a lecturer. so, i need to earn another title in order to be recognize, so my way is to take doctoral degree. beside, i am a woman who someday gonna be a mother.
isn't a mother is our kid's first school?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Save the Date

so, its May already and on May i've got an event to participate. it will be Festival Palang Pintu XI on Kemang Raya street.

this will be my second time participate in an event as a exhibitor (after seven years played as Event Organizer). in this event, i will be exhibit my product from shofiyyah and also there will be my another brand which will launch on the event.

its the brainchild of me and my two other best friends. it still in modest fashion industry and we concentrate in modest shirt which will be much affordable from what's on the market now but still elegant and sophisticated. it is called F.L.A Project which an abbreviation from Fauzi, Laras, Ayres (the name of the founder).

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Back to Civilitation

a very long weekend this week!
two days of public holiday near to the weekend, so four days of weekend in total and in a very short notice, my dad's asked us to go to my big family outing.

the place was actually near to my home but since i depend on my home wifi to connect to the internet, so i lost the internet connection as soon as i went out from my home and inside the place, we got no TV.

so, for 2 days and 1 night i got no internet and no TV but there are family, foods (lot of them), swimming pool (swim for twice a day), horse back riding and cow milking.

Unbranded inner; Shofiyyah fathima shawl in shabby chic series; Gift outer; Unbranded maroon shirt; @i_shoppedhere maroon harem pants; Rubi brown loafer

Monday, May 2, 2016

My Best Friend's Wedding: Person with a Big Heart

since i had and (still) have a lot of friends and best friends soon to be married. so, i decided to start a new tittle special for telling you about my day and what i wore when i attend my best friend's wedding. and this one is about my best friend whom i know for eleven years.

the story begin when i start my undergraduate education. i met him and not sure what story that bring us become best friends but one thing for sure since i know him, he always there for me as a friend, best friend, shoulder to cry on and partner (he was my thesis partner and now he his my business partner).

he is the most patient person i have ever met and he is also the kindest person with big heart. no wonder he finally found the perfect girl to match his amazing personality. i still in amaze with his yesterday's wedding. with his union with her, i got another best friend.

from the deepest of my heart, i wish you a wonderful life ahead until death do you part, Fauzi Mubarak and Yosi Erfinda <3

 and for what i wore, i got bride's maid uniform fabric that i made into kebaya that inspire from kebaya Bali with obi and for the skirt i wore my mom's kain wiron (a traditional skirt from Java)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Indonesian Dish In Can

rendang is spicy meat dish, originally from West Sumatera or Padang and it become the best dish based on CNN International poll.
padangnese or not, rendang is the main dish in every house in Indonesia when it comes to Eid Al-fitr but not dry rendang.

dry rendang is the same ingredients as rendang original but in the cooking process dry rendang cooked little longer to make the curry dry and the beef more tender.
i am not padangnese nor i've been to padang. so, the first time i heard about dry rendang in Jakarta, i was thrill to try it.
dry rendang from Lapau Andung have many various, like rendang suwir, rendang paru, petai balado and rendang telur. i had taste all of them and i keep wanting more (blame on the perfect ingredients).

 go check their instagram account (click here) and order their best product.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Beginning

Every ending is also a beginning. we just don't know it at the time.
-Derek Morgan (Criminal Minds season 11)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the Wait is Over

i've been waiting for wearing this graduation gown for 3 years.
yes, 3 years that is an odd number to be graduated in master degree and i am guilty as charged for spent 3 years in my post graduate level instead of just 2 years.

but anyway, i did what i have done and here i am, wearing that two-stripes graduation gown.